What does Death to America (مرگ بر آمريكا) Mean?

The saying ‘Death to America’ is commonly though of in the west as a saying to show how many people in the east do not like people from the United States. But this is untrue.   Many people in the regions which say Death to America have no problem with every day people in the United States. In this case “America” just refers to the US. People in the United States are just like any other group of people, and are largely not responsible for why the chant Death to America is so common. The saying Death to America is for the most part, referring to the government, the oppressive law makers , the policies, the sanctions, the imperialism, and other stuff in that nature.  It can also be used to refer to the atrocities done by the US government. In fact, a more accurate term would be “Death to US Gov.” which can be seen on Khamenei.ir

As you can probably guess, most in the US are not going to be the ones who are creating these kinds of laws and doing sanctions and committing atrocities, the term refers to the people who do these things. The United States is not the only one to have these issues, Europe is also untrustworthy and works with the US on many of these situations and also do lots of bad things against the world. Even much of its own land is stolen for Native American groups, who today live in reservations in horrible conditions. Israel is another example, and Israel is backed by the US and Europe in many situations, Israel is used as a launch pad for Western Ambitions in the Middle East where the west can keep troops and use them as an ally. Israel itself is an example of European colonialism which was created by the British after the Ottomans backed out in World War I and did not consider the people who were living there at the time, and the British split Palestine into Jewish and Arab sections, not considering the population living there at the time who was mostly Arab, the Israelis forced many Palestinians to evacuate and stole a bunch of their land as has thus far not given them a right to return, and the Israelis continue to steal  Palestinian Arab lands and commit human right violations, imperialism, bombings, ethnic cleansing, inhumane conditions, arrests of Palestinians for no reason in prisons which many die in, violation of Palestinian religious events, occupation, killing of civilians and children, and much more.  The United Kingdom is also very hated for their horrible acts, such as siding with the US, Israel, the rest of Europe, and other bad players, as well as for its own acts of imperialism and human rights violations. The Soviet Union has also gotten some hate for its acts of imperialism. Chants like Death to Israel are very common, Death to England is also pretty common, Death to Soviet Union has also existed. Here is a speech from Khamenei (Persian with English Subtitles) clarifying the chant Death to America and clarifying some of the issues with the US and saying how they will not give up the chant unless the US stops.

While the term is for the people in charge of the United States, there are some people in the US, like those who sell weapons to the bad people, who are almost as bad as the leaders, and who we also need to put pressure on. And just because the term is for the government, we still encourage people within the US to try to know what the US government is doing, and be part of the solution, not the problem, and instead of supporting the US government, to try to fight against it until it stops its horrible actions.The truth is, many of these bad actions also hurt the people in the US. Extraordinary military spending cuts money from other things which are more important which can help the people and robs people of tax money which is used to do horrible things. Taxes should be used for helping the poor, not profiting rich people who make military equipment. The private companies who sell to other bad players such as Israel are also not good as they give the US a bad name and make people not want to do business with them limiting the potential. Sanctions on countries also are not good, like not being able to buy Venezuelan Oil, not being able to use Cuban vaccines, and other stuff like that. Even we had issues with sanctions when we tried to buy some domain names from Venezuela and Iran, but our credit cards could not work because finance companies are not able to offer their services in these countries, which significantly puts there countries at a disadvantage and limits the amount of money they have. None of the sanctions the US really have are just either.

What is this website?

This is a website which is Designed to expose the atrocities of the United States and its allies. Some of the people behind this site have lived in the United States and even used to support the United States, but now they are very against the United States due to all the bad things the United States does. Hopefully we can bring awareness to all the problems done by the US and help get rid of the United States and their allies.