20-30 Million Trump supporters claim they would take arms up against Biden

There are still a large amount of people, likely 8-12% of the US who believe Biden was not legitimately elected and think violence is a good solution to the problem. They want to bring back the leader who was openly racist and talked about doing mass deportations and who put sanctions back in Iran destroying progress on the nuclear deal, worsening the economy of both countries, and increasing world tensions.

Some sources are claiming that Trump’s new rise will be through ”subversion” rather than violence and by bringing back Trump and other right wing people in power meaning that even if Trump were not directly in power in an election, he would have indirect power. Trump has already expressed interest to run again in 2024 and with his popularity in the republican party and the mistakes of Biden, it is not impossible that such a thing can happen. Cover Cleveland famously served 2 separate terms. Trump is a symbol of hate in the United States, and with a polarised enough public, his potential can be very powerful. Trump largely uses blame tactics to gain popularity, in 2016, he largely blamed immigrants, in 2020 he used civil rights groups (like Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist Action) and crime as the blame for problems, and now in 2024 he is going to take advantage of Biden’s poor handling of the situations to try to get back into office. Hate is a sad reality in the United States, and hate and a cult of personality like people have with Trump, and having a poor alternative can lead to people like Trump coming back to power and trick people into thinking he was a good leader, when he was indeed among the worst. This is similar to what got Hitler into power. The lack of good politicians in significant positions is frightening as who knows what bad things the leaders of the United States can do next instead of focusing on their own issues.

It is up to the people to educate themselves and to bring about change and end hate and bad leadership. Unless the people are educated, people like Trump and to a lesser extent Biden will continue to stay in power despite not being good leaders. If Biden was a good leader and people knew that they were, then Trump would not still have so much power, as we have seen Trump is a bad leader. We must also partially blame the education system in the United States, at a young age they are taught that the United States is good before they learn critical thinking or political theory or political science and they grow up being ignorant leading to situations like this, and half of them do not even vote, and when they do it is more often for horrible choices. Ignorance is one of the biggest enemies of freedom and equality. This is why we support neither Biden, nor Trump.

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