69% of people from the US disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation as it grows faster than wage gain.

It is no secret that there is currently an inflation issue within the US. The prices keep rising on many goods which adds more strains to consumers who are already suffering the consequences of the pandemic. Biden is claiming that we are currently at the peak and that the new Build Back Better act, which is an act which is supposed to increase taxes on the wealthy and increase some forms of social service and climate protection, but according to Vox, the bill is likely not as strong as Biden wanted it to be and even what is in the bill may have a hard time of passing. The inflation has had noticeable effects on food and fuel, which are every day necessities. Biden is hoping to reduce the prices of fuel again, but we will need to see how that turns out. Some analysts are claiming that the low interest rates are what is causing the inflation and that the government are keeping them intentionally low. Inflation had been growing since the pandemic started, but started accelerating later from 4% in October 2020 to over 6%, which is generally higher than the average income increase level, which is often around 3%. Some things, like housing are expected to decrease though. .It is also known that minimum wage has been standing still for decades and is not a much as it had been many decades ago. Even outside of the giant inflation growth within the last few months, wages have not been keeping up to inflation in many cases. Other things such as Biden’s handing of guns and crime was also not well approved.

We think it is largely because of corporate greed that this is happening. It is in corporation’s best interests to try to make more money, many of them already have near monopolies in industries, so they can use this power to try to increase prices, knowing consumers have little other choice. The companies often have little incentive to pay their employees more and in fact want to keep them struggling so then they are more dependent on work. They complain that they need to raise prices and not pay workers much to stay in business, while at the same time their shareholders and executives earn millions in profits. This is an example of hypocrisy in the current system which effects every day people in favour of a rich minority. We should not let this happen, if we let this happen, we let them know that they can win and do this more in the future, but we as the world need to stand together to make sure that this does not happen, and that it will not happen again. It effects everyone, not just people in the United States, as if a country the size of the United States has a financial crisis, it can effect other countries as well by raising the cost on many materials. We cannot let the US corporations take advantage of the people like this, it is up to us to stop it, we have already seen that the government cannot be trusted to help these issues, especially the republicans, who often go out of their way to reject any bills which are meant to reduce inequality. If people refuse to support companies raising prices, then they have to reduce prices again, and the producers of the materials and resources required to make those products will also have to reduce their prices

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