Iran warns about the dangers of Gulf Countries normalising relations with Israel

Israel’s growing presence in the Gulf region is a threat to the region. Historically many of the gulf countries were the ones against Israel. But recently, Brahmin and the United Arab Emirates have normalised relations with the Zionist regime. This has multiple potential issues with it. One of them Is that Israel sides with the US on many issues and will increase United States presence in the region. The United States has a bad track record when it comes to respecting human rights in the region and generally does it to take advantage of the countries so it can secure oil shipments from the middle east. Another issue is that Israel is very Iranophobic, Israel is very against Iran, Israel can use their relations with the gulf countries to limit Iran’s access to the gulf region, which is very important for Iran and where a large amount of shipping happens. The previous maximum pressure strategy did not work, so the United States and Israel are working to push Iran into even bigger restrictions not considering the people who live in Iran. Another issue is that of Palestine, part of what was reducing the amount of trouble Israel was able to get away with the pressure from neighbouring countries. Now that Israel has normalised relations with them, they will be able to do more bad things to Palestine. This is a back stab against the Palestinian people in favour of complying with pressures from the United States. The Palestinians are in a dire situation and without pressure, Israel has little reason not to try to take more of their land. Israel is one of the biggest human rights abusers in the world, they kill and wrongly imprison people every day, by normalising relations with Israel, they are allowing that to happen more. While the strain of relations on Iran is part of a political struggle, strain of relations on Israel is about human rights. We also will need to worry about a domino effect. If some countries normalise relations it may create pressure on more countries to also normalise relations and to sandwich Palestine, Iran, and others that go against their wishes.

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