US Capitol Police arrest over 70 Protestors Demanding Higher Salaries for the Poor

The Capitol Police have arrested protestors in Washington D.C. who were representing a movement named #UniteThePoor who were fighting for more rights and benifits for poor.

Here is a Tweet describing the situation.


VIDEO: More than 70 activists including an interfaith coalition of clergy with the Poor People’s Campaign @UniteThePoor were arrested on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol this afternoon in a protest for wage, voting, and immigration issues faced by low-income workers.

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) December 14, 2021


The protesters also wanted help for people without healthcare, people who need child care, and immagrants. The protestors are tired of slow legislation and are trying to push the Build Back Better Act before new year as just the beginning of their goals.

The police stood off against the protest while the protesters were claiming that they were fighting for the children and that this was a peaceful protest and not like the January 6 protest where a bunch of Trump supporters raided the capitol.

The protest was peaceful, they did not intentionally hurt anybody, they were non-violent trying to create a better future for minorities. According to PressTV, a police spokesman claimed that the protestors were  allegedly crowding, obstructing or blocking the streets.

We will have to see what happens to the protestors, but this is a clear example of the police in the US shutting down protests they do not like and a form of censorship in a country which claims to support free speech.

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