Happy Palestinian Teacher’s Day

Today, 14 December 2021, is national teacher day in Palestine. Teachers are responsible to influence the newer generations are prepare them to build the future. Palestinian teachers are in a struggle, but they continue to spread their message and work against all Danger’s to the Palestinian people, and continue to help protect the Palestinian people depite internal struggles and Zionist occupation. Teachers work against the Zionist threat by working with the Palestinian people and trying to instil the values of solidarity and freedom and how people must fight and sacrafice for it. Teachers are an important building block for the Palestinians and are a vital part for the resistance against the Zionists and restoration back to Palestinian land. Fadi Abu Shkhaydam did operation in Bab al-Silsila on 21 November 2021 showing the importance of teachers to the Palestinian movement. With issues like the Zionist occupation of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), teachers must double down on their efforts. and implement the ideas of liberation and right of return to the Palestinian people.

It is shameful that many teachers in the West are not teaching these ideas. In the United States, many people are ignorant of the conflicts which the US are in, and are not taught about them and instead are just taught propaganda because they know that if the truth were taught to the people in these countries, many of them would be terrified and start to fight back. We must all do our part in education everyone about these topics so they are able to help bring peace and justice around the world. People in imperialist countries are often not well educated and in some cases intentionally ignorant or complicit on many conflicts, and this is what we must change. The imperialist education systems are to blame for either not talking about conflicts and trying to make the oppressors look like they are doing good things. In the US, political topics are mostly only covered in secondary school after the kids have already been indoctrinated in primary school.

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