Privacy Policy

We support your privacy and view Privacy as a Human right. Very little data, if any is collected on our users. Your data is protected by the LEY GENERAL DE PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS PERSONALES EN POSESIÓN DE SUJETOS
OBLIGADOS (LGPDPPSO), Acceso Rectificación Cancelación Oposición (ARPO), and other data protection laws in the United Mexican states.

“Cookies” are peices of online information which are stored within your web browser to help store information. You are able to opt out of cookies. Cookies do not apply to most users, Cookies come from people who post comments or have accounts only. Cookies can deleted from within your own web browser.

The only information we receive is the information you give us. By giving us information, you are consenting to us having it, unless you request for it to be deleted.

ARPO rights allow you to request your information be deleted. There will be a form which you will fill out stating what deleted. We will then delete it with in 30 days. You can also request to know what personal information we have on you, and we will provide it.If we do not provide sufficient response, you are allowed to report us to Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales (INAI).
For account deletions you will be able to delete your account and any content it had, if you want a comment deleted, we will require email verification of the email on the comment.

We will not transfer any data to 3rd parties without your consent or request unless forced to by law. The main exception is that our website is currently hosted in Turkey.

Your information may be used for marketing purposes such as poll answers (often Anonimised) or email marketing. You have the right to opt out of your info being used for marketing purposes.

If ever there is a data breach, we will attempt to contact those effected and tell them the extent of the breach.

The privacy policy may change at any time. If it does, we will attempt to notify you.